Telecoms Cloud is a mature and successful business, built on the foundations of partnerships that add real value. We are always on the lookout for new strategic business opportunities and enjoy working with new business partners on a range of opportunities, especially those that not only add value for all stakeholders concerned, but those that solve real problems in the communications sector.

We are looking to develop partnerships for mutual benefit that can further progress our strategic plan to disrupt the telecoms market by doing things differently.  The telecoms market has been ripe for disruption for a long time, and while we have a plan to push through our disruption, we also recognise that some things are nicer to share.

Because of this, we like to boast about our strengths while encouraging partnerships that strategically cover our weaknesses and are therefore inviting only those “best-of-breed” organisations to come and join our disruption.

Commercial Unique Selling Points

  • British company made up of a team with over 20 years’ combined experience in Telecoms
  • Established brand name with a disciplined approach to managing costs, keeping operational costs low, ultimately feeding back to customers in the form of lower prices
  • Track record of success with hundreds of thousands of meaningful subscribers
  • Expertise, knowledge and know-how of the Telecoms market with a customer- and data-centric approach
  • Self-developed systems with little royalties payable to third parties, system integrators, networks or brand holders; we own a significant amount of our own intellectual property.
  • We develop mutual beneficial partnerships with suppliers
  • Not tied to, and independent of, any single operator or network

Technical Unique Selling Points

  • Self-designed and manufactured carrier-grade systems with no third-party licences or fees
  • Instant & real-time network with ability to provision almost any service in real-time online and using our API (the best many of our competitors can manage is “same day” setup)
  • We interconnect with an extensive set of networks at SS7 level
  • Network Core based in several carrier-grade Data Centres
  • Members of internet exchanges, Linx, LONAP and a member of RIPE, complete with our own IP numbering
  • Operate under Ofcom’s General Authorisation Regime, with millions of allocated numbers
  • Dual SIP (IP Telephony) and TDM network capability (Traditional Telecoms) with a carrier-grade platform
  • Customer self-provisioning/billing and self-service, via our real-time platform

Primary Offerings

Voice Services

  • Cloud voice services, Hosted PBX, phone numbers, Call Management (call forwarding, professional greeting, etc.)
  • Voice-to-Text, Text to Voice
  • Voicemail-to-Email
  • Machine and Human Audio Transcription

Fax Services

  • Internet Based Fax Solutions (Fax-to-email/Email-to-fax/Fax API)
  • Secure Fax (256Bit Encrypted Fax Platform)


  • Inbound and outbound mobile messaging online and using our API (SMS)
  • IP Messaging (mobile push/in-app messaging)

Data Services

  • Number lookup, cleansing and validation
  • Landline and mobile number real-time validation
  • Telephone/Fax Preference Service lookups (TPS, FPS, CTPS)
  • Phone number distance calculation
  • Long & short-term object storage
  • Broadband availability checker
  • Phone cell site lookup tool
  • Dialing string/International calling procedures
  • Transactional email sending

Connectivity and Co-Location

  • Machine-2-Machine SIM-only Data Plans
  • Direct Connect (network infrastructure)
  • Co-location (customers peering with TC)

Management and Control

  • Web/API service to instantly provision services, fetch call metadata, collect content (call recordings, faxes etc) and control the underlying network

What we are looking for:

  • Partnerships with new and cutting-edge businesses, with fresh new approaches to the telecoms market
  • Partnerships with either existing businesses with new or different commercial offerings
  • Organisations having strategic assets as a potential M&A candidate, looking to leverage its core strengths
  • M&A opportunities with the possibility of being part of a bigger endeavor

If you would like to explore the potential possibility of being a part of a successful, fast-growing international organisation and have the desire to be a part of highly growing and dynamic environment please get in touch.