Standards & Compliance

As Europe’s leading cloud communications provider, we own and operate our own purpose-built network, designed with security, quality and high-availability right at its core, underlining our unwavering commitment to excellence. Our experience and expertise has enabled us to build a solid track-record of exceeding the standards required by our clients for their mission-critical operations.

We have robust controls in place at Telecoms Cloud to maintain and guarantee the security of our operations and our customers’ data in the cloud. We operate a comprehensive compliance framework covering all aspects such as security, quality, environmental, energy, employee well-being and corporate social responsibility standards.

Data Centre Locations

Telecoms Cloud’s extensive network is housed in data centres in key locations across Europe and world-wide. For security reasons, the precise location of these data centres is not made public information and can only be disclosed to clients with whom we have signed a mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement.

The data centres selected by Telecoms Cloud are chosen for their security, reliability, connectivity and geographic separation for purposes of High Availability.

Data Centre Minimum Requirements

Before being considered to house any part of the Telecoms Cloud network or our equipment, data centres must meet a minimum requirement as follows:

  • ISO 27001 Certification for minimum-level security
  • ISO 9001 Certification for quality management
  • PCI DSS Certification for processing of credit card details
  • High level of connectivity for instant failover

Infrastructure & High Availability

Outsourcing your mission-critical communication systems to a cloud provider such as us requires a big helping of trust – we get that. Gaining and maintaining the trust of our clients is absolutely central to everything we do, and we’ve designed our network to exceed the levels of trust required by our clients. If we didn’t do that, we would quickly have no clients.

The network we’ve built – and the data centres we’ve built it in – must meet the highest possible industry standards, including high levels of physical security and resilience.

Our network is designed with multiple levels of redundancy at every corner, with the phrase “single point of failure” completely banished from our vocabulary. In the unlikely event of one of our sites going down, we have multiple other sites with spare capacity which are able to take over, automatically, in a heartbeat.


Reliable, redundant and low-latency access into the Telecoms Cloud network is an absolute must, and we provide a variety of options which cater to those for whom connection via the public Internet is not an option.

Telecoms Cloud is a member of LINX and IX Liverpool and operates an extensively peered network. We partner with and peer with many of the world’s connectivity providers, providing low-latency, high-capacity offload from the Telecoms Cloud network. We operate an open peering policy and customers who peer with the exchanges below (directly or indirectly) can also peer with the Telecoms Cloud network. With the exchanges below combined, customers in over 66 countries can peer with the Telecoms Cloud Network, saving on bandwidth charges, long lines and VPNs, creating a better, more stable network connection.

Customer can either peer with us publicly, directly connect via BGP, or colocate at our exchange network of sites.

Security Standards & Information Governance

Telecoms Cloud operates a set of multi-disciplinary structures, policies, procedures, processes and controls implemented to manage information at an enterprise level, supporting our immediate and future regulatory, legal, risk, environmental and operational requirements.

All customer data is kept in secure ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 27001, OHSAS 18001, and PCI/DSS compliant Data Centres within the customer’s chosen region, complying fully with local acts in various jurisdictions. All customer content and data is encrypted on reception and no staff nor company directors have access to customers’ data. A full list of our company directors is available on our Telecoms Cloud Board of Directors page. A full list of directors’ register of interests is available at our office for inspection by appointment only.

Telecoms Cloud Limited is a private limited company incorporated in England and Wales with company number 08092142 with registered office at:

Telecoms Cloud Limited
22 Jordan Street
L1 0BP
Great Britain

VAT Registration Number: GB 175 6924 69.
Data Protection Registration Number: ZA036519.
D-U-N-S Number: 21-842-5805.
Phone Pay Plus Registration Number: ORG826-79991-01089.

We are an ISO 9001:2008 registered company under certificate number GB21730.

Quality Standards

Telecoms Cloud is relied upon daily by some of the largest household names in the world to process information which is mission-critical and often life-depending. It’s therefore of the utmost importance that the quality of service not only meets but exceeds the high expectations of our customers.

Telecoms Cloud holds ISO9001 accreditation as a company, and all data centres in which Telecoms Cloud occupies space are certified to the ISO 9001 standard.

Environmental & Energy Efficiency Standards

Climate change has never been higher on corporate or government agendas but more importantly a concern of our own. Engagement is inevitable whether voluntary, or through regulations or tax changes. Telecoms Cloud is a large energy consumer using energy to power its cloud, network and offices.

Our vision is to help tackle climate change through the innovative use of communications products. We aim to lower the carbon intensity of our networks and to help our customers reduce their footprint.

Our strategy is therefore about cutting carbon by;

  • Reducing our own carbon footprint wherever we can
  • Influencing and inspiring our customers and suppliers to reduce their carbon footprints
  • Engaging with our employees to help reduce their personal footprints

We have reduced our own footprint in the UK by 91% per cent since 1997. We were the first in the UK to have a carbon neutral data centre and the first to invest in renewable technologies that powered our data centre completely during off-peak periods. We were also the first to use hydrogen powered fuel cells for primary power in a data centre environment, so we like to think we’re on the right track, being much more responsible compared to many of our competitors out there.

Our private cloud configuration is spread across a number of geographical, political and economic areas and is built to give the maximum functionality for our customers whilst using very low energy compared to the traditional way of providing the same services through telephone exchanges and telephone systems. We use an extreme configuration of high density virtual environments, with maximum efficiency that are designed to use up every bit of energy we take from the national grid.

Some of our products, such as our conferencing service, are designed both to lower costs and help others reduce their own carbon footprint. During the last 10 years, we’ve helped our customers save over 1.5m tonnes of carbon emissions and continue to add to this figure daily.

Data centres used by the Telecoms Cloud network hold, as a minimum, ISO standards 14001 and 50001 for Environmental Management and Energy Management.

Occupational Health & Safety Standards

Telecoms Cloud is committed to the Health and Safety of its employees, as well as their Wellbeing in the Workplace.

Health & Safety is a key consideration in all of our business operations, from the set up of office desks and computer workstations, to tea and coffee making facilities, to working inside secure and clean data centre facilities and lifting heavy equipment.

In August 2015 we were awarded the Workplace Wellbeing Charter, recognising our commitment to the health and wellbeing of our team.

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Security at the Centre

Our number one priority is security. Telecoms Cloud customers enjoy the piece of mind that comes from utilising network infrastructure designed to meet and exceed the requirements of even the most security-sensitive applications.

High Availability

Telecoms Cloud operates across multiple geographically-separated data centres, situated in strategically-selected locations to allow our customers to take advantage of our redundant, highly-available network infrastructure whilst keeping their data close-by and compliant.


Enjoy low-latency connectivity into the Telecoms Cloud whether you’re connecting over the public internet, peering with us or colocating in the rack next-door.

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