Please read these guidelines before using the Telecoms Cloud brand name, icon or logo. Remember that the Telecoms Cloud logo must never be altered or distorted, and the brand name “Telecoms Cloud” and our logo must be used correctly and subject to the guidelines below.

The Telecoms Cloud Logo

The Telecoms Cloud logo contains an icon which tips its hat to the company’s Liverpudlian heritage, with the icon in the shape of the iconic Royal Liver Building situated on Liverpool’s famous waterfront Pier Head and the 3 domes representing the complete set of Three Graces. The curve at the bottom of the logo symbolises the River Mersey on which the Liver Building sits.
The Telecoms Cloud logo is a Registered Trademark of Telecoms Cloud Limited. (More Details.)

The Brand Name

The brand name “Telecoms Cloud” is always written as two separate words, with a space, in lowercase with uppercase characters for the first letter of each of the words. If being written as part of a sentence or section which is entirely in uppercase, it may be written in uppercase as “TELECOMS CLOUD”.


Our logo is always orange and black when in full colour, or either white or black. The text and/or icon is never shown in any other colours.


Colour codes to be used. White, #ffffff, and black, #000000, complete the set.

Colour 1

HEX: #0b140e

CMYK: 75% 63% 70% 82%

RGB: 11, 20, 14

Colour 2

HEX: #f39c00

CMYK: 3% 44% 100% 0%

RGB: 243, 156, 0

User Guides

The Telecoms Cloud logo includes an icon which is a Registered Trademark of Telecoms Cloud Limited. Do not modify or alter the icon or use it in a confusing way, including suggesting sponsorship or endorsement by Telecoms Cloud, or in a way that confuses Telecoms Cloud with another brand. Use our official and unmodified icon to represent Telecoms Cloud.

Do not rotate the icon

Do not duplicate or pattern the icon

Do not overprint or obstruct any part of the icon

Do not straighten the bottom of the icon

Safety Space

When using the Telecoms Cloud logo with other logos and graphic elements, (1) maintain a safety space that equals 200% in height and 150% in width the size of the the logo, (2) maintain a safety space that equals 150% the overall size of the the logo.


You may download our logo in its various formats below. Please ensure you have read and understand the usage guidelines before using our logo.