Matt Wilson

Founder & Chairman

Prof. Matt Wilson is a Chartered Engineer and Internet Entrepreneur who has worked in the Telecoms Industry for over 20 years. Matt is a pioneer in Telecoms, bringing innovative technology to market for both businesses and consumers, and was the first in the UK to offer mobile phone ringtones and logos, developing an IVR system boasting over 3,000 lines which, at its peak, was dispensing millions of ringtones and logos for major brands, record labels and artists including the likes of the BBC and Walt Disney.

Read Matt’s full bio here.

Richard Wharton

Systems Architect

Richard is one of the key architects behind the Telecoms Cloud. As Chief Engineer, using a range of open standards, he designs the platforms, databases and the complex routing algorithms for the telephony systems that power the Telecoms Cloud.
Richard’s multi-disciplinary team builds, upgrades and maintains our worldwide network, keeping it running 365 days a year, while experimenting with new technologies, methodologies and concepts for providing ever more feature-rich functionality for our customers.
Since the age of 11, he has been learning about computing and software development, discovering at first hand the capabilities and possibilities that both computing and the internet can bring to society.
As a keen advocate of web standards and with a career spanning many years, Richard’s broad experience comes from working for one of the largest business communications companies in UK, bringing with him a variety of technologies and best practice including systems design and Architecture and Telephony systems.
Richard also acts as a coach and mentor to the newer team members, passing down valuable skills & experience, while allowing them to research and develop with emerging technologies that could one day end up as working products and services for our customers.

Stephen Fisher

Strategic Advisor

Stephen currently works for Liverpool John Moores University, and offers a strategic perspective and idea initiatives to help shape the future success of Telecoms Cloud. Stephen has worked in several functions within large organisations and SMEs and currently works in university business development, business intelligence and on knowledge exchange research-based projects.

Dr. Andrew Tickle

Strategic Advisor

Dr. Tickle received an M.Eng (Hons.) degree in Electrical Engineering and Electronics degree and a Ph.D. in the field of Computer Electronics and Robotics from The University of Liverpool. Andrew is currently a Senior Lecturer at Coventry University. He is a Chartered Engineer (CEng) and Chartered Physicist (CPhys) and a member of the IET, IEEE, IOP and SPIE and has assisted and chaired several conferences and event technical committee panels.