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Welcome to Telecoms Cloud – the Experts in Cloud Communications

Telecoms Cloud powers critical global infrastructure and commerce every day, enabling business customers the world over to use our cloud technology to stay connected and revolutionise how they work, cutting costs and increasing efficiency with new and better functionality.

Our private and purpose-built telecommunications network operates on the Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) model for engineers, empowering software developers with a REST API to enable real-time communication features within their applications with ease.

Our Cloud Service Brands, built on the same underlying network, bring the power of our platform to end-user businesses without writing a single line of code, accessible via any Internet-connected device and web browser.

Communications Network

Introducing the Telecoms Cloud

Fully independent, wholly-owned and purpose-built network for cloud telecommunications

Globally scalable and highly-available platform exposed to developers via API

Peering Points at strategic locations for low latency and high resilience

Telecoms Cloud API

Our flagship brand, the Telecoms Cloud API is a Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) giving software developers tools to embed real-time communication features into their applications.

With just a few lines of code in the programming language they’re already using, software developers can perform tasks such as sending faxes – all in real-time.


VoiceStack® is our premium business cloud communication brand, giving business customers a choice of telephone numbers and call handling features all managed via their own private cloud account.

Business customers can purchase a range of telephone numbers and add-on features such as call recording, IVR menus, detailed call analytics etc. and operate their own cloud-based phone system from within any modern web browser.

Record Your Call

Record Your Call is our cloud-based call recording service used by individuals, businesses, journalists, media organisations and large corporations to record phone calls from any phone by dialling our access number, with no extra equipment, software or mobile apps required.

Recorded phone calls can be played back over the phone or downloaded as high-quality MP3 or WAV files from the Record Your Call website.

Crosby Fax®

Crosby Fax® is the Number 1 Online Fax Service. Since 1997, Crosby Fax® enables businesses of all shapes and sizes around the world to send and receive faxes securely via the Internet, without needing to own fax machines or pay for a separate phone lines and in-house fax servers.

Ideal for high-volume fax delivery, Crosby Fax® makes it easy to send and receive faxes via email, secure web portal or our REST API.

Free Fax to Email

The younger sister of Crosby Fax®, Free Fax to Email offers a basic, non-subscription Internet fax service for small and medium-sized businesses who need to maintain occasional and low-volume fax communication for the operation of their business.

Free Fax to Email gives customers a revenue-generating fax number meaning the service pays for itself each time a fax is received. Customers can also send faxes on a pay-as-you-go basis by topping up their online account with pre-paid credit.

Disguise My Number

Designed to help fight against the scourge of nuisance calls and spam texts, Disguise My Number gives consumers a set of throwaway voice-only phone numbers, meaning you don’t ever have to give out your real phone number and risk it getting sold on by shady organisations.

Customers can use up to 5 numbers at a time and keep track of which numbers they’ve given out and where. If they receive nuisance calls, it’s as simple as logging in to their account and deleting the number; the nuisance calls stop instantly.



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